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Dear Madam,

Dear Sir,

RAPORT-wto, the most influential Polish Defense Monthly Magazine is fully open to any form of promotion of Your Company or Your Product, especially in September 2022, the traditional period time of the main Polish Defense Exhibition – MSPO 2022 in Kielce, Poland.

RAPORT-wto has a long tradition of partnership with the MSPO from the beginning of the Exhibition. In 2022, as usual, the September issue of RAPORT-wto is going to focus on the MSPO and on Polish Armed Forces’ procurement and development programs. RAPORT-wto September issue will be distributed among the key persons for Polish Defense Modernisation Programs both at Warsaw, and in Kielce during the MSPO 2022. All this creates a unique opportunity to promote new ideas, new technologies and products.

Traditionally, RAPORT-wto Team has been responsible for publishing the MSPO official Show Daily: RAPORT MSPO. The paper’s circulation of several thousand free copies for each day is distributed to all visitors at the gate of MSPO 2022. RAPORT MSPO Show Daily will cover events, news, new products, booths and trends in four issues: # 6th September, # 7th September, # 8th September and # 9th September. RAPORT MSPO Show Daily is going to be the ideal way of presenting exhibitor’s ideas and products at the MSPO.

If you are not going to exhibit during the MSPO 2021, the RAPORT-wto 09/2022 (published on the very first day of the Exhibition) and RAPORT MSPO Show Daily issues should secure Your Company’s presence for everybody who is important in Polish Defense and who visits Kielce Polish Defense Show.

For immediate important defense and industrial news circulation we created our defense and aviation web service (about half a million unique visits per month!half a million unique visits per month) to cover daily worldwide and regional events. This defense e-daily rose to the position of the most important free tool of professional knowledge in the region. Our web page: creates opportunity to promote companies and their products exhibited during the MSPO 2022. This year our offer is expanded with the option of advertising at (e-RAPORT-MSPO with thousands of additional entries a day during MSPO) and on the RAPORT MSPO TV (web TV). In 2022 we are going to offer new forms of co-operation, and we will present details in bilateral talks. This is the only such complete offer of promotion at MSPO, optimum in terms of effectiveness and cost.

Sincerely Yours,

Tomasz HYPKI
RAPORT-wto Publisher
Altair Air Agency Ltd. President

Do not hesitate to ask for more info about business possibilities in Poland:

Bartosz Głowacki
tel.: +48 606 895 904
Radosław Modro
tel.: +48 600 071 212

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